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  1. Yuzu originated in China but becomes popular in Japan and Korea.
  2. Generally, the season of Yuzu is very short. From early August to late autumn, the fruits turn from green to bright yellow, that's when the yuzu is ripe.  The farmer must carefully harvest it by hand to avoid damaging peel. 
  3. Yuzuyu is the name of a custom of bathing hot yuzu on winter solstice in Japan that started in the 18th century and still exists today.  People put yuzu in a hot tub to release their aroma.  Bath water from yuzu helps you keep your body warm, fight colds, beautify your skin and relax.
  4. Other studies have found that inhaling yuzu scent for at least ten minutes reduces mood disorder and  stress.
  5. In Japanese culture, Yuzu is a symbol of immortality and the rare warmth that warms the cold winters.

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