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Dragon fruit – abundant nutrition in a weird appearance

Dragon fruit – abundant nutrition in a weird appearance

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Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that has become increasingly popular in recent years. People love this fruit for its unique look and taste, and there is evidence of the health benefits it offers. It depends on each area, it has multiple names such as Pitahaya, Picajón, Yaurero, Warakko or Dragon Fruit.

It is rich in vitamin C, iron, magnesium and other antioxidants, the seeds contain fats of the Omega 3 or Omega 6 type, so it has many benefits for health.

- It has antitumor, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action due to its great source of natural antioxidants.

- Magnesium is an integral part of teeth and bones. Helps maintain normal functions of the heart, muscles and nerves, stabilizes nerves and mood.

- Excellent for rapid digestion and detoxification of the body.

- Stimulates the production of white and red blood cells and platelets.

- Regulates the level of sugar in the blood (glycemia).

- Being rich in water, fiber and low in carbohydrates, its consumption is excellent for people who follow some type of diet to lose weight.

- It stimulates collagen production.

- It can prevent many diseases such as arteriosclerosis, stroke and cardiac infarction, kidney stones and gout, etc.

In Vietnam, they are cultivated in several provinces of the Mekong Delta, Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan, (provinces with arid climates like semi-deserts), because they are derived from cacti. White-fleshed dragon fruit is the most popular variety, there is also purple-fleshed dragon fruit with a taste that is highly appreciated in the world.

In Asia, Vietnam ranks first in dragon fruit production with 57,000 ha or 1.2 million tonnes and the largest exporter of this fruit in the world, accounting for the largest market share in Asia and Europe. Vietnam dragon fruit is grown based on the good agricultural production standards of VietGAP / Global GAP which has been conquering the EU market as it meets food safety standards.


How is it used?

You will discover that it is a delicious fruit that can be enjoyed in a number of ways.

Dragon fruit is generally eaten fresh or can be processed into a variety of products such as juice, fermented drink, jam, syrup, ice cream, yogurt, jelly, candy, cakes, instant dried powder, food coloring, flower buds can be used as a vegetable for soup, salad or tea.

With the rapid development of life, convenient and diversified products such as dried dragon fruit, instant, frozen crushed and especially, dragon fruit juice with longer storage time. Lefam's pitaya juice is based on the best recipe, closed manufacturing process, source of fresh and natural fruit, without concentration, without preservatives. Also Lefam provides OEM / ODM to produce according to your requirements and tastes. The team of professional designers, in accordance with the latest trends combined with rich experience from the R&D team, constantly improve and research new recipes to produce better products every day.


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