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Mangoes grow only in warm climates, tropical regions, are native to Southern Asia. Just 80g of mango (2 x 2 inch slices) counts as one of your five-a-day. This one portion will provide 53 calories, 11g of naturally-occurring sugar and just over 2g of fibre.

  1. It helps in fighting cancer
  2. Helps in maintaining cholesterol level
  3. Mango juice helps in cleansing skin
  4. Helps in regulating diabetes
  5. Helps in alkalising your body
  6. A way to lose weight
  7. For healthy eyes
  8. Aids good digestion
  9. Prevents heat stroke
  10. Help in strengthening immune system
  11. Improves concentration and memory
  12. Contains high iron content



1. We always use real fruits and natural ingredients which were chosen carefully to make our products. 

2. The taste of our beverages is highly appreciated by consumers. 

3. The products has been tested and passed the certifications of FDA / HACCP / ISO / GMP/ KOSHER / HALAL, etc.

4. The enthusiastic team with many years of experience serving the domestic and international market. 

5. Provide the OEM/ ODM according to your request and taste. 

6. Free design and follow the latest trend. 

7. You can minimize the cost of your drinks because we have our own factory, our staff will assist and advise you for your distribution.



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