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What is the LEFAM Food & Beverage Company and what products do they make?

The LEFAM Food & Beverage Co., LTD is 100% Vietnamese owned. We specialize in the production of beverages such as coconut water, fruit juice, energy drinks, aloe vera, coffee, carbonated soft drinks.

Base on strongly and deeply beverage experiences of the Owner and our staff, Lefam has been growing and exporting to more than 108 countries worldwide and also covered  3 regions in local market in Vietnam. Thanks to standardize formula and strict procedures, the company quickly conquer the tastes and trust of our customers from the first order. We always focus on quality control, value creation and customer satisfaction, including after-sale service.

Do you have a Private Label Beverage ( OEM/ OMD service)?

Yes. We provide a comprehensive contract packing service which includes the formulation R&D –> Design –> Manufacturing to Delivery. Our general service helps customers to ensure maximum savings on facilities and labor costs while helping you to expand your marketing channel to more target group.

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How long will it take to get my order?

Lefam Beverage takes 25 – 30 days after confirm.

What is the best way to send orders to LEFAM Beverage?

You can send your orders to: (+84) 963 452 745 – 24/7 on Viber/ Whatsapp  or e-mail to: sales@lefambeverages.com
The same holds true for any other correspondence relating to a specific order. Please remember to include your P.O. number on any paperwork you send to us.

What is method payment term as sign?

We accept method payment: T/T, Letter of Credit (L/C) as sign

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

We always offer minimum order. However, you can order as few as 200 carton for
our brand or 1 container 20ft for your brand.

Where do you ship from?

We have a F.O.B. point in Cat Lai , Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. We are actively seeking new locations in different parts of the country that are reliable and have an understanding of our industry.

Can we use our own freight company or do we need to use whoever you specify?

You can absolutely use a carrier of your own choice. We will require a copy of their bill of lading and a contact name and phone number at the freight company.

What Certifications do your factories have?

We have ISO, HACCP, HALAL, FDA Approval, GMP, EU Organic, USDA Organic, HACCP 22000.

Will you design the label for us?

Yes, we have a professional and creative design team that can assist you in designing your packaging in the most professional way. We provide this service for FREE to our customers. Let us know if you have any idea or request for your packaging.

What Is The Shelf Life? How Long Can I Keep Your Product Before I Drink It?

The shelf life of our glass, can and PET products is 24 months from the day they were made, unopened. After opening the beverage, the shelf life is 7-10 days refrigerated, 2-4 days not refrigerated. The date code, which shows when the product was made, can be found near the neck or on the cap of bottles, or on the bottom of cans, stamped in black.


250ml, 330ml, 500ml

24 months

 PET Bottle & PP Bottle


18 Months

 Glass Bottle


24 Months

Are Your Products Fresh fruit Juice?

All of our tea and juice drinks are fresh juice!

What is custom label bottled water?

Custom label bottled water is bottled water with Your labeling instead of a LEFAM label.

What are shipping costs for an order?

Shipping cost will be quoted prior to placing your first order and they depend upon final destination, location, and shipping times.

How many bottle/ can be placed on a carton?

Generally a carton accommodate

Can 250ml, 330ml accommodate 24 cans/ carton

Bottle 330ml accommodate 24 bottles/ carton

Can 500ml, Bottle 500ml, 1L, 1,5L accommodate 12 pcs/ carton

Bottle 2L accommodate 6 bottles/ Carton

How many bottles are in a case of water and how many cases are on a pallet?

There are 24 16.9-oz bottles in each case. There are 72 cases per pallet of 16.9oz.

How much does it cost?

The cost of custom label bottled water varies according to customer needs such as bottle size, order volume, reorder potential and shipping location.

What kinds of bottles are used?

We use premium quality PET (plastic) bottles that are sturdy and clear in color and we also have colored bottles. Our bottles are much higher quality than the extremely lightweight store brand bottles.

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